CPL Steel

CPL Steel Plywood

CPL STEEL Plywood is made of 100% Gurgan wood (i.e. the logs are 80-90 years matured) that is found in the tropical forests of Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia and is technologically proven to be the best raw material for manufacturing quality plywood i.e. Class-1 durable type hardwood. The durability and grade of testability is based on researchers undertaken by the Forest Research Institute and College, Dehradun as depicted in app-B (CI: 7.3) of IS: 401:1962.

Each and every layer of veneers are treated individually with Boric Borex Solution in addition to the glue line poisoning done to further augment the timber durability for longer life under several condition of services.

We apply a Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic adhesive of boiling water proof grade as per IS: 848:1974. Hot pressured under controlled temperature and high pressure of specific time. The final product is treated with CCB preservative solution as per IS: 5539:1969 with high retention of preservatives on solid basis.


Standard Size

  • 2.44×1.22 mtr. 2.44×0.92 mtr.
  • 2.14×1.22 mtr. 2.14×0.92 mtr.
  • 1.84×1.22 mtr. 1.84×0.92 mtr.

Standard Thickness

  • 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm


  • Timber : Tropical Hardwood
  • Veneer Density : Uniform Balanced Construction
  • Density of Plywood : Approx. 825 Kg/m3
  • Adhesive : BWP IS : 848 - 1974
  • Moisture Content (%): 8% - 12%
  • Glue Sheer Strength (KgF/sq.inch) : Minimum 135
  • Water Resistance Test (KgF/sq.inch): Minimum 110
  • Mycological Test (KgF/sq.inch) : Minimum 110
  • Water Absorption 24 hrs boiling : <3%
  • Bonding : Excellent
  • Guarantee : Lifetime
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