Block Board


CPL marked Block Board are made from KLIN seasoned and preservative treated imported Pine wood timber. Selected imported Gurjan /Keruing wood veneer on it gives the board high mechanical strength and high screw holding capacity. Block Boards are pressed under temperature and pressure and are bonded with superior grade Phenol Formaldehyde resin (Conforming to IS: 848:1974) resulting in a product with high dimensional stability and excellent insulating properties.


  • Block Boards are weather proof and do not twist under working conditions
  • Preservatives are used in our boards to make them resistant to borers and termites


  • Table tops, living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, kitchen cabinets and door panels


Standard Size

  • 2.44×1.22 mtr. 2.44×0.92 mtr.
  • 2.14×1.22 mtr. 2.14×0.92 mtr.
  • 1.84×1.22 mtr. 1.84×0.92 mtr.

Standard Thickness

  • 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 30mm
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