Flush Door

Flush Door

The CPL Flush Doors are manufactured with seasoned imported Pine wood battens, Gurjan/Kuring 2.5 mm thick core. A grade and imported face veneers are pressed high pressure with Phenol Formaldehyde and to meet BIS 2202 (Part 1) 1983. They are dimensionally stable, termite resistant, moisture resistant and sun durable that they last for generations.


  • Seasoned Pine wood, Phenol formaldehyde resin and hot press process make Flush doors water proof, weather proof and free delamination and warping
  • Dimensionally stable and extremely durable
  • Chemically treated for resistant to termite
  • Ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor uses
  • Smooth Face veneer that suits any décor, whether the doors are painted or polished
  • Excellent insulating properties. Keeps out heat and muffler & sound effective
  • Being extremely strong, they make every house or flat totally safe
  • Three types of Flush Doors are available: commercial, one side teak and both side teak


Standard Size

  • 2005×900mm.
  • 2005×800mm.
  • 2005×700mm.
  • 1905×900mm.
  • 1905×800mm.
  • 1905×700mm.
  • (Other sizes available on request)

Standard Thickness

  • 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm
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